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As a recent addition to our showrooms, Beko appliances are quickly winning over our customers who are conscious about health and wellness. Recognized as the number one home appliance brand in the European market and sold in over 140 countries, Beko is a trusted name around the world.

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Beko 4-Door Refrigerator
Beko Kitchen


4-Door French Door Refrigerator

Maximize your food storage and customize the bottom-right compartment into either a refrigerator or a freezer. Choose the lowest temp, -12°F, to increase freezer space or create a quick-chill, +46°F, for wine or dessert to help with your entertainment needs.

Beko Refrigerator
EverFresh crisper drawer


Whether it’s a healthy option for hungry teens or the key ingredient to a favorite recipe, you have a plan for every stalk, head or bunch that goes into your refrigerator. With meticulous temperature management and precise humidity control, our EverFresh+ technology keeps fresh food fresher three times longer than the average refrigerator — for up to 30 days!*

*Tested by SGS (compared to standard crisper for broccoli and lettuce)

Active Fresh Blue Light

Active Fresh Blue Light

Fruits and vegetables stay fresh up to 30% longer, and retain vitamins and nutrients with this amazing new technology that simulates natural lighting conditions, extending the photosynthesis process into your refrigerator. Waste less food and enjoy the benefits of fresher, more nutrient packed produce.


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